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         Grown on the land   ~ 

                            Felted by hand 

Hello ~   just a little about me  ....

I have   lived & worked  in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland  most of my life  & still love the  wide open spaces  of Moorland, Sea, Sky and the Hills with  ALL the colours  they hold !  

I grew up with an appreciation of textiles , within a family of gifted  knitters, a technique I enjoy but  being  completely useless at tension , my garments  generally fit the proverbial elephant ! 

Felt  is  also a    fabric I grew up with , in the Middle East , in my very early years ; beautifully embroidered rugs ,  ( felt takes very kindly to being embroidered ! ) hats and so on . 

So  my journey with felt  began at a very young age  .... my love  affair with wool  began quite a bit later when I was given my Grandmother's spinning wheel .This  bond evolved  like a good yarn, chunky & full of character.   Along with  opportunities to work with sheep, learn techniques from  very gifted  individuals ,some steeped in  our Highland traditions , I  also discovered the alchemy of  plant dyes and eventually  learning the art of feltmaking in the mid 90s......the passion for fibre  endures , and seems to encompass my whole life ! 


Why Felt  ?

"What I love about felt is the fact that it can be  both  very practical and purely  for fun. To begin with raw fibres , sometimes pre-dyed & create something that can be   exceptionally fine and delicate or  extremely robust is immensely  rewarding . And all with  no fancy equipment . And then there are all the sustainablity plusses of working with   fibre that is 100% natural  &  biodegradable. It enables me to  pursue my  creative  art while continuing to try to live in respect of our beautiful planet . #treadinglightlyontheearth  

I also love the fact that felt has been made for  1000s of years by  our ancestors ."  

Grown on the land   ~  felted by hand