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         Grown on the land   ~ 

                            Felted by hand 

Hi  !     And welcome  to  Florrie Felts . Are you passionate about  wool...     I am  !  

 You have stepped into a place where wool is king . As a feltmaker , spinner and dyer I have worked with wool, now in Wester Ross, Scotland, for over 40 years.

My felt products,created for you , your family and your home include rugs , Florries'  & 'Shepherd's Stars' ,Feltscapes and  funky jewellery . They all help reap the benefits of      real wool  for you  and help us all  in treading lightly  on the land.  

Please scroll down to check out some of my  products now available here ....there are more scarves & Florries and even Feltscapes available  , just finding time to  take  photos and get them uploaded.... It feels like it will be  another 'plate- spinning' month  ahead . June was quite a month , now almost a week into July and the prospects of  more work are opening up as some of our local outlets re open their doors  gradually. Gratitude  especially for living where I do  .Holiday makers are making  their way to our beautiful part of the world too.

Please  Take care wherever you are.

If you  want more info on   current availability  of Florries  please  get in touch . 

     More stock coming very soon. 

For More info on  the full range  & sources of fibre etc pop over to Fibre Facts . At your leisure, find out more about me  from My Journey in Felt . AND join me  in that journey  by signing up to my brand new quarterly  Newsletter.

                                                                                                Sheila Bates           Creator at Florrie Felts   

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ALL  Items are priced inclusive of delivery   within the UK   For Standard  parcel delivery.  Please note that in our current  circumstances, our nearest Post Office is a 20 mile round trip. We do not travel there  more than once   every 2 weeks. 


   Full refunds available  on returns  in 30 days . 

For international  deliveries   :    in current  circumstances  of the  lockdown for Covid 19  , these  will take alot longer . Please contact me  to discuss  options.   You may  wish to pay for items via another portal  , BACS , debit card etc          please contact me                                                            Thank  you                                      Sheila  .

Shop here 

Ebony Glow -Shetland 90x 60 cm SOLD
Cherish the Curls Gotland 2 103 x 60 cm SOLD
Ginger & Spice - Jacob 3 110 x 60 cm SOLD
Ginger & Spice - Jacob 2 112 x 60 cm

Scarf in Scottish Alpaca-

                                             @ 176 x 18 cm  

                                        weight @ 40 grams

A mix of  white , black and dark tan alpaca fibres.                                 Exceptionally soft !

                            Handwash only. 

Alpaca Scarf 3 colours

Scarf in Merino  -  

                            @ 20 x 150 cm 

                      weight @ 160 gms

 Cherry & Claret  with hits of turquoise &       blue. Rich purple acid dyed decorative     yarn.   Fuschia style flower motif.

 Handwash only .

Merino Scarf in Cherry & Claret

Scarf in Merino -

                      @ 26 x 165 cm

               weight @ 160 gms

Teal & Purple with  vintage glass bead. Decorative  fibre & yarns from  handspun  plant dyed mossy greens &  gold. Chunky acid dyed purple  yarn. 

Handwash only .

Merino scarf in Teal & Purple SOLD

Scarf in Alpaca and Corriedale 

                           size  @ 19 x 165 cm

                           weight  @ 165 gms

Blended Alpaca and Corriedale- (a breed in it's own right crossbred originally with Merino).   Decorative  handspun white yarn and  silk fibres.

Handwash only 


Scarf in Alpaca & Corriedale